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Welcome to SmartWhale – Your Gateway to Intelligent Living!

Established in 2023 in the vibrant city of Hong Kong and sell on US market, SmartWhale is a pioneering brand dedicated to infusing intelligence, comfort, and hygiene into your daily life. We lead the innovation in smart bathroom solutions, crafting a more intelligent and convenient bathing experience for you.

Our product lineup encompasses a diverse range of smart toilet seats, including traditional styles and remote-controlled options, offering you a comprehensive selection. Whether you prefer a classic design or prioritize cutting-edge technological features, SmartWhale caters to your individual preferences.

At SmartWhale, we adhere to a commitment to excellence, ensuring that all our products utilize advanced technology and high-quality materials for an outstanding user experience. We are not just a provider of bathroom products but a companion in your intelligent living journey.

Whether at home or in your workplace, SmartWhale's smart toilet seats promise a blend of comfort, convenience, and hygiene, revolutionizing your bathroom experience. Thank you for choosing SmartWhale – let's embrace the future of intelligent living together!