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Smartwhale Bidet Toilet Seat Launch Event

Electric/Non-electric Bidet Toilet Seat Up to 50% OFF! Special bonus worth $39.99!

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Step 1: Choose the right toilet seat for your home and add it to your cart!

P.S.: Smartwhale's bidet toilet seat are elongated and fit 18-inch to 20-inch toilets. Please check if it fits your toilet before purchase in case it cannot be installed. If you don't have an outlet next to the toilet in your home, we recommend a non-electric bidet toilet seat.

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P.S.: If you want a more luxurious and comfortable toilet experience, we recommend the Smart Bidet Toilet Seat.


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Shop Now With 50% OFF!

Step 2: Place your order for purchase through the discount link! Wait for your bidet to be delivered!

Step 3: Share your honest review on Amazon after use, send your order number and a screenshot of your review to You will receive the bonus!